Eco friendly
Eco friendly

Penum is committed to reducing waste and helping customers to improve their environmental credentials. MARPOL compliance and pressure from outside, is starting to converge with good business and we feel that you can expect great solutions that are also good for the environment.


Our innovative delivery system helps us to ensure that we deliver as little packaging on board your yacht as possible. We use plastic stackable crates to ensure that produce arrives as fresh as possible and in perfect condition. It dramatically reduces the amount of waste taken on and equally taken off the yacht. We are happy to wait while you unload our crates and we will always take away any packaging that you do not want.

Delphis Eco

We are working with the UK based & European award winning products supplied by Delphis Eco. Selected by the food services industry as the best cleaning products, they also happen to be chemical free. Available for interior use (galley and household) we are working to develop products suitable for deck wash down that can be safely discharged into the sea with zero environmental impact.

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We are a new, fresh business offering to meet the changing demands of the yachting industry.  We think that these are exciting times and we would like to join you on that journey.