Guest Services
Guest Services

Making special trips truly memorable is our shared goal. Delivering the magic when it matters is key to a successful trip and we know that it can be the little things that make all the difference.

Preference sheets

Setting guest expectations early makes provisioning and meal planning easier. We have built sample online preference sheets for both the food and the drink elements of a trip, allowing you to offer great local produce, menus and bar options to guests long before they step on board. Giving the first impression of a truly well organised and modern yacht.

Fantastic products

From the well known Wagyu to less familiar lobster and caviar products, as well as exceptional local jams and unusual teas, we can source amazing ingredients to make your trips memorable. With outstanding fresh products, we are able to find almost anything else your guests can think of. Why not put us to the test?

Wine that you can rely on

Most guests are happy to drink reliably great wines, we have built wine lists to suit all budgets, from wines that we can source readily. As wines become more difficult to find we also have perhaps the most extensive wine list available in Med.

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We are a new, fresh business offering to meet the changing demands of the yachting industry.  We think that these are exciting times and we would like to join you on that journey.