Environmental health
Environmental health

Do you comply?

On board today's modern yachts galley's need to comply with local food hygiene standards.  The rules and regulations on land can vary country by country but on board there are a minimum set of European  standards, referred to as  HACCP - Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points.
It is not possible to ignore the "chill chain", requiring chefs to make sure that produce is properly stored/refrigerated and/or frozen. 

As irritating as the regulations are, they are intended to keep the consumers well.


Do your suppliers comply?

We  believe that the HACCP - Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points should be the minimum requirement for any provisioning company to operate in the industry. 
Adherence to HACCP standards ensures that we have a goods in process which verifies the chill chain has been respected by our suppliers.
We have an outbound goods process which ensures that the chill chain is respected from our warehouse to our trucks and through to delivery on board your yacht.
All of our suppliers are inspected to ensure they are HACCP compliant and we have full traceability from "farm to delivery".
Come and visit our warehouse and see how it is done.
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