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We have built the first online catalogue specifically designed for clients on board large and busy yachts.  To become a customer you need to register here.  Since the system is fully transactional, we need to run checks on the yacht BEFORE we can give you user level access.  Once you have your user name and password, you can shop the entire product catalogue.

Our product catalogue features over 5,000 products that range from market fresh fruit & veg to an unrivalled wine catalogue and a huge range of interior items.  Where we can, we provide detailed food specifications (e.g.: fish sizes and yields) as well as pricing.  You can get a quote instantly online which can then be turned into an order at the press of a button.


Users can build personal lists of products that are ordered frequently, making it very simple to re-order as well as to keep specific guest and crew products separate.

Create orders, by giving us intended delivery information as well as using your own references for specific orders.  Each "order" becomes an invoice and since we are happy to deliver multiple orders in a single delivery,  you now have control over which products appear on which invoices.


Receive delivery notes that show clearly any missing items as well as detailing substitutions that we have made while building your order.

Get your invoice within 24 hours.  Actually, most invoices are ready at the time of delivery, but sometimes we have to wait on our suppliers to provide their delivery notes!

We are changing provisioning, if you are interested in our new service enquire here and we will be in touch.

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We are a new, fresh business offering to meet the changing demands of the yachting industry.  We think that these are exciting times and we would like to join you on that journey.