Terms and conditions
Terms and conditions

There are a lot of them, when you place an order you agree to our T&Cs, so if you want the extended remix you can download them here.

If on the otherhand you are a bit short of time, then we have summarized (and explained) them for you here, but they are not the legally binding ones:

  1. Until we send you an order confirmation, no contract has been formed. You start by making an offer to buy which we then accept.
  2. All our information and pricing is indicative and not contractually binding, prices change and product availability depends on your location and the time of the year, we do our best.
  3. Once the order has been placed you can't cancel it without us having the option to charge you for it. We know that plans change and are as flexible as we can be, but cancellations once we have started to build orders costs us money. Remember we will hold on to goods for upto 3 days after the original scheduled delivery date, if we can.
  4. Where possible (most of the time) we will provide you with a delivery note, showing what you have actually received. Sometimes when we have very short turn around times, we struggle to have the paperwork catch up.
  5. Our weights and quantities can vary by +/- 10% before you have a right to get annoyed. Products at the market vary in the way they are sold depending on the farmer, we do our best to get exactly what you asked for but not all fish are the same!
  6. The risk of the goods passes to you when we deliver them, but they belong to us, until you pay for them. Always a tricky one, but technically until you pay, we own the goods, even if you have eaten them!
  7. We will do all we can, but you need to help us get things right, responding to questions and making sure that you give us the paperwork we need (like charter docs) to do a great job.
  8. You pay any import duties that are associated with your deliveries, where we deliver to the airport and you use your agents.
  9. Confidentially - you agree to not share our pricing and product information with anyone else, particularly other provisioners. Thanks.
  10. You have to help us comply with anti-corruption legislation, by not soliciting bribes and generally taking the piss.

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