Using Just Provisions
Using Just Provisions

we Bring ideas and principles from other industries to the super yachting world

This is how it works...

Register as a customer

First of all you need to complete our registration form, this will allow us to capture your contact details as well as providing us with your billing information.  We offer clients a standard 14 days credit, but we need to know who to invoice and we also need to have a copy of your ship's registration on file, so that we can provide relevant documentation to the various authorities. It is also important that we know your yacht's VAT position as this will allow us to accurately bill you.  Our VAT treatment will depend on your registration and the location of your delivery, you can read more here.

Place an order

Working on a yacht can be frustrating, as you move around the name and brands of products change.  You develop preferences for things that work and we try and source them for you.  We have over 6,000 products in our catalogue and if you need anything else we can usually find it for you.  

Orders can be placed online, we have developed a concept of lists that allow you to recycle frequently bought items as well as giving you an estimated value of your order and availability of the products. Alternatively you can send us your order via email, which we will key into our system.  

Other than the products you need, we also need to know when and where you need delivery, typically orders placed 3 days before have the least shortages and the freshest products.  Weekend delivery is possible, and we are a flexible as possible, but please remember that the day of the delivery can affect the availability of products.


We build your order

Once we receive your order we start building it.  Fresh meat, fish & fruit veg are sourced directly from the market so that they are as fresh as possible on the day of delivery.  We have warehousing in the UK and France and we keep stock of a wide range of products (that are frequently ordered).  High value or harder to find products are then ordered directly from our international network of suppliers and we bring it all together in our warehouse before checking it off.

As a rule we don't hold stock of alcohol, but we work with many wholesale suppliers and can source everything for crew and guests.  We have unique access to a number of private wine collections, but sometimes need additional notice to source specific bottles.

Your delivery arrives

We run a fleet of refrigerated vehicles for local delivery in the South of France and Italy and we try and schedule deliveries to ensure that we can meet your time and location requirements.  Changing traffic conditions can dramatically affect our ability to deliver on time.

During the winter, we offer an airfreight service to all your cruising destinations, shipments can be to the airport (for collection by your agent) or delivery to the boat using our local partners.

We have worked hard to develop our close to zero delivery processes which dramatically reduce waste onboard and ensure maximum product freshness.  We are not using polystyrene on long haul destinations.

Our deliveries are accompanied by delivery notes that clearly show what you have received as well as substitutions and shortages.  Delivery notes are available online and we will email you the delivery note after we have made the delivery.


We produce your invoice

Due to the systems that we are pioneering, we are able to cut invoices quickly.  Our invoices can be easily coded by you to make the accounting more straight forward.  To create your invoice there are a few key ingredients:

  • The actual weights that we deliver (which may vary from what was ordered).
  • Any significant changes in market pricing.
  • Any products that you reject at the point of delivery, probably substitutions.

As a result your invoice will usually be available within 48 hours. Our invoices are delivered electronically to reduce paper wastage and make it easy to code into your accountancy package. 

Learn more about Just Provisions

We are a new, fresh business offering to meet the changing demands of the yachting industry.  We think that these are exciting times and we would like to join you on that journey.