What we do
What we do

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About Penum

We have a different approach to delivering service to our clients. We are not a typical provisioning company, we are looking for long term relationships with clients and we are interested in servicing the majority of your needs (not just the hard/expensive items).

Bringing ideas and principles from other industries to the super yachting world, we have an alternative proposition for you.

Founded in early 2013, Penum has been created around 4 core principles:

  • Fair Pricing through partnerships
  • Local sourcing where possible
  • Responsibility
  • Technology

Our mission is to exceed our customer’s expectations.


We want to address the long established view that using a provisioner is expensive. Traditional provisioning companies are essentially shopping services and we believe that this approach is flawed. The more orders they receive the more people they need to fulfil those orders. It is not scalable and leads to unnecessarily high prices to the customer. After all you can go to Metro too.

We work closely with the supply chain in the Cote d’Azur and all of our produce is sourced from the same suppliers used by local hotels and restaurants. It is important to us that our suppliers understand the purpose of the products that they are supplying.

During the quieter months, our suppliers are appreciative of your crew business and this is reflected in their pricing. Meat and Fish for crew is usually better quality and better priced from our suppliers than from local supermarkets and wholesale outlets.

In the high season, these suppliers have a vested interest in ensuring that your guest provisioning is of the very highest quality. You have supported them and they are willing to return the favour.

For our clients, building a relationship with us ensures that we know your individual preferences (as a chef and as a boat) and we can start to work in partnership, forecasting your requirements and planning the logistical backup that comes with moving around. Helping with planning and organisation.


As a chef you have in your mind a series of menus that you plan to serve. When you go to the market, you are able to adjust your menus based on the availability of produce in real time. When did you last go shopping and find 100% of the items that your were looking for? By the time you get back on board you have adjusted menus based on availability and the missing items have been forgotten. When you use a 3rd party this process does not happen. The unripe avocados are either delivered (and unusable) or not delivered, requiring last minute adjustment of the menu causing much distress. While we may never be able to make the correct real time adjustments, by working together more closely we can get it right most of the time.


As a business we have a responsibility to behave in a professional manner towards both our suppliers and our customers. We are open and transparent and we feel that we have a significant amount of value to add to the organisations that choose to partner with us.

Incorporated in the UK, and trading from a branch office in France, we are registered for VAT in both countries; we understand trading and how goods flow on a global basis.

Mistakes happen and often blame is apportioned but we do our best to minimise issues as they arise. Part of our collective responsibility is to be honest about these inevitable problems and work hard to reduce their impact on us all.

Local sourcing is vital. We want you and your guests to enjoy the very best produce that we can source, however, we also feel that respecting seasonality and locally sourcing products is a vital part of sustaining local economies. The South of France is a fantastic source of locally grown produce and we work hard to present the best local and seasonal ingredients. In truth however, Sashimi Tuna and Wagyu beef is not “grown” locally, so we can also source products from around the world, sometimes this takes a bit more time.

We have an explicit aim of reducing waste and promoting recycling and this can be seen in the “close to zero” delivery system that we have implemented using our trademark blue plastic crates.

In addition to reducing waste, we are also sourcing products that reduce yacht’s impact on the environment.

While some consider this to be pointless, we feel that chemical free cleaning, for example, is worthwhile and our partnership with Delphis Eco demonstrates our commitment to reduce environmental impact while not compromising on quality.

We are defining how yachts will be supported by shore side partners for the next 10 years.  Bringing together technology and logistics we are building provisioning innovation.

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We are a new, fresh business offering to meet the changing demands of the yachting industry.  We think that these are exciting times and we would like to join you on that journey.